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Classic Car Service and Restoration

We have great passion to restore and complete your automobile the way it should be at California Supersport Auto , the ideal car restoration center to trust your own vintage car to. California Supersport Auto guarantees maximum care for any model, American or foreign, and will satisfy any needs. The California Supersport Auto garage is equipped to completely restore the mechanics of the car. In the same way, California Supersport Auto is able to do complete restoration of electrical systems, interiors and bodywork, guaranteeing, for any necessary car spraying, the use of original color obtained from the original codes.

Automobile restoration is the process of repairing the degraded aspect of a car to return it to an overall "authentic" condition. To renovate a car without updating or upgrading it by keeping in line with how it would have appeared when first offered for sale.

A complete restoration includes not only repair of the parts that can be seen – the body, the trim, the chrome, the wheels, the dash board and accessories and the passenger’s compartment – but the parts that are not necessarily visible or otherwise evident, including the engine and the engine compartment, the trunk, the frame, the driveline.
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